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Vessel Management

Vessel pagePT. YUDIAN UNGGUL INDONESIA Maritime Recruitment is a fully government-licensed crewing company. We can serve the shipping industry with:
    • Temporary crew members
    • Project crews
    • Complete crew management
    Careful and thorough selection of the candidates is what we pride ourselves in. We meticulously evaluate and understand the client’s requirements based on:
    • The size and type of vessel
      The type and nature of the cargo
    • The conditions that the vessel operates in
    • The equipment level of the vessel
    • Onboard vessel management systems (ISM)
    • Specific crew requirements

    Every candidate that we provide are thoroughly examined and evaluated based on strict criteria such as:

    • Relevant qualifications and experience
    • Past references and performance record
    • Physical and medical fitness level
    • Literacy and communication ability level
    • Behavioural attributes such as attitude and commitment